COVID-19 Updates

JANUARY 1ST UPDATE: In accordance with the governor's freeze and rising Oregon cases (along with our own need for some time off!), we've decided to postpone booking any new jobs until after February 1st. If your request can wait until then, the best way to contact us is through our online estimate form! 


After February 1st, we will continue to book limited jobs to reduce exposure. For customers seeking junk removal services, we encourage those able to prepare their items for pickup in an easily accessible location, such as a garage or driveway to minimize contact. 


For jobs that do require entry into customers’ homes, we are equipped with full coverage P95 respirators, disposable gloves and booties, and sanitary coveralls. We encourage our customers to take advantage of no-contact forms of payment- Paypal and Credit/Debit- at this time, though we will continue to accept cash and checks. 


Our team takes social distancing seriously in our personal lives, as people with loved ones at high risk, and we are doing everything we can to minimize our own risks of exposure and reduce community spread. We are committed to going above and beyond state and local guidelines to protect ourselves and our customers. 


Please reach out with any questions about our Covid-19 protocol, and alert us when booking if you have other accessibility needs or additional precautions you’d like us to take.