About Us

  Our goal at Frog & Toad is to use our skills and resources to become a reliable

partner in every step of your process toward making your space more relaxing and usable,

      through individualized services and meaningful relationships. We promise to be transparent about

 our costs, work with your budget, and give you honest appraisals of the recycling/reuse options for your items. 

When we (owner/operators Revel and Sun) began our work in the junk removal industry, we quickly noticed

        a gap between the “green” practices many haulers advertised and the time they actually

took to divert the items they handled from landfills. 

     We started Frog & Toad because we are genuinely passionate about the lives of

 our “junk,” reimagining what is waste and what is reusable, and creating creative solutions to 

connect unwanted resources with people in need, and wanted to do it right. We find joy in going

       the extra mile-- we partner not only with charitable organizations, but also small peer-to-peer

networks to give items new lives outside of the limited donations that large secondhand corporations like Goodwill are able to accept. 


As we grow our business, we hope to expand the services we are able to provide for low-cost and free

        to those in need. Supporting us helps us make those services available to others. We

appreciate your business!

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Raised in Bellingham, Washington, Revel

has always been passionate about mending,

restoration, and finding creative ways to turn

trash into treasure. They spent several years in the landscaping industry before turning their energy

toward hauling. In their time outside work, Revel

is an artist, collector, woodworker, gardener,

and is always learning new ways to work with

their hands. 

Sun grew up in Richmond, Virginia,

but has spent the last 8 years living in Portland. Before integrating their skills into Frog & Toad's mission of giving items new life, Sun spent several years developing skills in the carpentry, electrical, automotive, and hauling industries. Sun is an avid musician and gardener. Outside of work, you can often find them in their garage restoring cars,

bikes, furniture, and instruments. 

Our Partners

Frog & Toad maintains relationships with the following organizations and businesses to ensure the best future for your items, our community, and our environment.


Community Warehouse


ReClaim It!

ReBuilding Center

Habitat For Humanity ReStore

Oregon Metro